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List of products by brand JP Ryckaert

Created in 1947, the RYCKAERT company has remained a family firm. At the beginning, specialized in the wrought iron and wooden crafts, the firm gradually turned to brass: a lighter more flexible and more stylish material it's often combined to glasswares (Louisiane collection).


Nowadays, wrought iron has acquired a patina; it's coming back lighter and more colorful (Louisiane : Les Fers Forgés). 
The "Ellipse" collections, more particuliary intended for specialized large-scale distribution and "Comme à la montagne" intended for winter sports customers, have enlarged the range of products. 

Since 2002, the company has been expanding on the European market and every year it takes an active part in many French and international trade-fairs. 

More and more thematic collections are created; the influencers markets and the hotel business markets are successfully managed, the production being able to supply from small to large lines production mainly created by the firm. 


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