Choosing Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Wall lamps can be in many places in the home.

The important thing is that you have made a decision about which function the wall lamp will have.

Wall lamps are often used as bedside lamps in the bedroom. A good rule of thumb is to mount wall lamps 1 metre above the floor. If you have an adjustable bed, you may want to choose a bedside lamp with a flexible arm, so that the lamp can also be used when you sit up and read in bed.

For the children's room, you can also choose to create a cosy atmosphere with wall lamps. If it is placed next to the bed, it is a good idea to select a lamp that uses LED bulbs, since LED bulbs do not develop as much heat as, for example, halogen bulbs,. This helps to prevent your child being burned by a hot bulb. You may also want to choose a bedside lamp that is dimmable, so it can be used as a night light. LED lighting is inexpensive in terms of electricity and can therefore be suitable for night lighting.

In the living room, wall lamps can be used to illuminate dark corners. By reserving the option to turn on multiple lamps, you can make the space appear larger. Many of the wall lamps have adjustable shades, so the light can be directed to where you need it. It makes the lighting more flexible. 

Lights mounted on the wall, in a foyer, or long hallway can also help to create cosy and functional lighting. You can beautifully illuminate a hallway by positioning lamps on both walls in a row. With these lamps, you have the opportunity to design your own light patterns on the wall using the included diffusers.  

Lighting in the bathroom is often easily solved by fitting a variety of spotlights on the ceiling. You achieve the best light for applying makeup and shaving when the light comes from multiple directions. Spotlights in the ceiling are fine for general room lighting. In addition, it is important to have a good light above the mirror.

Hegarty Lighting have wall lights for the bathroom, which we call IP series. The classic bathroom wall lamps with opal glass, which gives a soft and pleasant light. 

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